How to Properly Manifest Goals in 2024 Using Neuroscience

You know That Feeling When You Spot a Twenty Dollar Bill on the Ground? I Just Discovered the Manifesting Version of That – Except This Finder’s Keeper Will Have Your Goals Basically Manifesting Themselves!

We all know the usual advice – “vision boards this, affirmations that” – but all of that was like trying to save money by clipping coupons for me. 🙄. Mel Robbins dropped a new podcast about – get this – how to “properly” manifest your goals using neuroscience. She explained how most people spend years half-manifesting their dreams just through wishful thinking. But using this step-by-step technique grounded in neuroscience, you can activate serious goal-reaching velocity quick, fast, and in a hurry. 

She calls it “proper manifesting” – using mental techniques that actually rewire your brain for success. This is next-level manifesting fueled by daily habits, simple tricks, and manifestation practices scientifically shown to work. So buckle in and get ready to have your mind blown about how you can properly manifest your goals in 2024.

Proper Manifesting According to Neuroscience

Step 1: Tell the Truth

Now before we get into the nitty gritty of leveling up your manifesting game, we gotta get clear on what we are even talking about you conjuring up in 2024!

Meaning – take a long hard look inward and get straight with yourself...what goals, dreams and tings have you been wishing on shooting stars for lately?  Manifesting properly requires you first accept where you are at currently. No judgment, no comparisons – just you being real with yourself. Because that honest truth is the baseline to stack your goals on top of (and the universe can’t deliver if you ain’t clear on what you want!).

So grab your OhSoColorful journal, a latte, and have a heart-to-heart. Once you ID your top desires and dreams for 2024 (how to manifest love fast, how to manifest money overnight – whatever!), baby…you can start mapping out the rest of this year’s glow up through advanced manifestation!

Step 2: Visualize the Steps, Not Just the End Result

So, here’s the deal: to properly manifest, you can’t play pretend with the universe. It’s like telling a friend you’re good when you’re actually drowning in a sea of not-so-good. Honesty is your compass in this journey.

Let’s rewind a bit. Think of a time when you pretended to be interested in something just to fit in or please someone. How did that work out? Probably not great. Manifestation operates on a similar wavelength. You can’t fake it till you make it; you’ve got to be real about your goals. Whenever it is, it’s the instant you say, “You know what, universe? This is what I really want.” Strip away the expectations society, family, or even you have piled on. It’s about acknowledging those dreams that make your heart do a little happy dance.

“Embracing your real desires isn’t just the key; it’s the whole darn door.” Take a moment, be honest with yourself, and unmask those desires you’ve been hiding

Step 3: Feel the Process in Your Body

Buckle up because we’re moving from the sketch to the blockbuster movie of manifestation. Step 3 is like turning up the volume and adding special effects. We’re not just visualizing; we’re turning it into a full-body experience. 

Picture this: You’re not daydreaming about the grand finale; you’re binge-watching the episodes leading up to it. If your goal is to run a marathon, it’s not just about the glory of crossing the finish line; it’s about feeling the 5 am cold, wrestling with your snooze button, and lacing up those sneakers when your bed’s calling your name.

Now, let’s make it even juicier. If your dream is a cozy home, it’s not only about the keys in your hand; it’s about the nitty-gritty. See yourself hitting that savings goal, high-fiving your realtor, and swooning over open houses. Feel the reality, not just the fantasy.

Now, why does this different way of visualization matter? Because it’s not a highlight reel; it’s the messy, beautiful, and sometimes challenging journey. It’s waking up early, dragging yourself to that run, and embracing the grind. It’s changing habits, making sacrifices, and having real talks with the important people in your life.

This storytelling approach isn’t about perfection; it’s about authenticity. Life’s not a movie montage; it’s a series of moments, and each one brings you closer to your goal.

Step 4: You Owe the Universe Action in Return

Manifestation is a partnership with the universe, but it requires action on your part. Visualizing your goals is powerful, but true success comes when you back up those visions with dedicated effort. 

So, you’ve been visualizing, dreamboarding, and feeling the vibes. Beautiful. Now, let’s talk action, honey. It’s not just about sitting pretty with your vision board; it’s about putting in the work. The universe is like that dance instructor who’s saying, “I’ll guide you, but you’ve got to trust the steps and keep moving.”

Here’s the real deal: manifestation is a partnership, not a solo act. You’ve got dreams? Fantastic. But they won’t sprinkle magic dust on your life while you chill on the couch. You’ve got to get up, grab your dreams by the hand, and waltz them into reality.

And why does this partnership matter? Because vision without action is like a dance without music – it might look good, but it’s not hitting the right notes. The universe respects a dreamer who’s also a doer.

II. Why Manifestation Matters

A. Prevents Self-Sabotage

Ever noticed how our fears and doubts throw shade on our dreams? It’s like having a frenemy in your own mind. But fear not, manifesting is the ultimate drama-buster.

Here’s the truth: when you’re deep into manifesting, those self-sabotaging vibes can’t sit with you. It’s like manifesting turns on the spotlight, and suddenly, there’s no room for the negative Nancy in your thoughts.

Picture it like a makeover montage. Your fears are the outdated wardrobe, and manifesting is the stylist saying, “Let’s revamp this. We’re going for confidence, not chaos.” With every visualization, you’re tossing self-sabotage out the window and strutting down the runway of empowerment.

B. Drives Meaningful Action

Dreaming is like the pre-party, but the real action happens on the dance floor of your goals. We’ve all got dreams, but they won’t waltz into reality without their dance partner – action.

Now, manifesting is like the choreographer, prepping you for the dance. You’ve got the moves in your mind, the routine down, and your dreams are waiting backstage. But here’s the real secret sauce: the rehearsal doesn’t guarantee a stellar performance.

Visualization isn’t just a cozy daydream; it’s a dress rehearsal for the big show – your goals materializing. It’s the backstage prep that transforms dreams from “what if” to “I did that!”

C. Creates Lasting Change

Dreams, desires, and goals – we all have ’em. But what turns these wishes into a transformative reality that lasts? Brace yourself, because here comes the cosmic truth: it’s consistency.

Imagine you’re building a puzzle, darling. Each piece represents a small action you take daily. Manifesting is like the glue that holds them together, making sure they fit just right. One day, one piece; another day, another piece. Over time, the puzzle comes to life.

You know how we often think change has to be this grand, dramatic moment? Lasting change isn’t about overnight transformations or instant success stories. It’s about showing up every day.

Consistency is the secret sauce. It’s the ‘mic drop’ of manifesting. Those small, daily actions, guided by the magic of proper manifesting, add up. They accumulate, stack, and build, like coins in a piggy bank, like bricks in a castle.

So, let’s get real. Say your goal is to become a published author. It’s not about writing a novel in a day (unless you’re a wizard). It’s about sitting down to write a little every day. You may not finish your book in a month, but over time, you’ll have chapters, then a manuscript, and finally, a published book.

III. Making 2024 Your Year of Unstoppable Manifestation: Here’s How

Alright, sis, grab your sparkly pen and your favorite journal because 2024 is your year. It’s time to manifest like you’ve never manifested before.

A. Identify Your Goals: Unleash Your Dreams

First things first, let’s get clear. What’s your heart’s deepest desire for the coming year? We’re talking big dreams, the kind that gives you butterflies. Whether it’s starting a business, writing a book, or finally taking that dream vacation, write it down. No holding back!

“Because clarity is the first step to manifestation”

B. Maintain Focus and Perspective: The Patience Game

Now, here’s where the real tea gets spilled. Change? It takes time. Patience is your trusty sidekick on this journey. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your dreams won’t manifest overnight either.

Visualization is your secret weapon. Keep seeing yourself achieving those goals. Picture it in vivid detail, like you’re watching your favorite movie. This keeps your motivation burning and your eyes on the prize.

C. Commit to Consistent Action: Small Steps, Big Impact

You’ve got your dreams and your patience cap on, but here’s the secret sauce: consistent action. Every single day, take one step closer to your dream.

Think of it as watering a plant. One drop at a time, it grows tall and strong. So, pledge to do something, no matter how small, every day. It could be as simple as writing a page of that book or brainstorming business ideas. Because small actions, done daily, create unstoppable momentum.

So there you have it, babe. You’re all set with the know-how, but let’s talk about the tools that will take your manifestation to the next level. And that’s where Oh So Colorful Co. comes in, like the fairy godmother of manifestation tools!

Personalized Journals: Your manifestation journey needs a home, and what’s better than personalized journals? These aren’t just any journals. They’re like your personal cheerleaders, keeping you motivated and on track. Scribble your dreams, track your progress, and witness your transformation from day one to day “I made it!”

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