MarchMeetTheMaker – A Backstage Pass to Creativity

As a kid, I used to love show-and-tell. Anytime I crafted something new, from a macaroni masterpiece to a hand drawn greeting card, I just had to parade it around and gush about the creativity that went into making it. Well, decades later, that show-and-tell spirit is still going strong!

That’s because March means it’s time for the #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge – a full month for makers like me to pull back the curtain and let our colorful creativity shine. Think of it as the Olympics for us creative and crafty folks, where the torch we’re carrying is our burning passion for crafting. This ain’t just any old challenge; it’s a month-long party on Instagram where we strut our stuff, spill the tea on our process, and find our tribe among a sea of brilliant talents. This is our moment to shine, to share the love, the sweat, and the glitter behind what we do.

So, as I gear up to dive headfirst into this creative party, expect some of the real, the raw, and the hilarious from my corner. From the chaos of my workspace, to the magic that happens when inspiration hits at 2 AM, it’s going to be a no-holds-barred adventure into the life and times of OhSoColorful Co.

And let’s not forget the real MVPs of this journey—our creations. Whether it’s the tumbler collection that drove me crazy trying to figure out the right temperature,  or the behind-the-scenes hustle that keeps this ship sailing , it’s all going on display.

Buckle up, because #MarchMeetTheMaker is about to get a dose of OhSoColorful Co. like never before. Let’s make this March memorable, filled with laughs, learning, and maybe a little bit of mischief. Join me on this journey; let’s make it unforgettable.

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