MarchMeetTheMaker – Storytime – I was Supposed to be a Lawyer

Prompt: Tell us a story! This is a good time to introduce yourself as a person. Tell the world about the maker behind the makes!

Hi there! I’m Christiana, the designer and founder behind OhSoColorful Co. You might be wondering how a supposed future lawyer ended up as a creative entrepreneur…well, let me tell you a story!

I’m the daughter of immigrant parents who had their hearts set on me becoming a brilliant lawyer. But fate had other plans! I discovered a passion for digital design after being introduced to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Before long, I was hooked on bringing colorful visions to life on the screen and on paper..

I ended up getting degrees in both Computer Science and Graphic Design – because Why Not???. Let’s just say law school didn’t stand a chance against my creative calling! Last year, I started OhSoColorful Co. – my very own small business to showcase my design skills and create products that can be used daily.

Based in the Atlanta area, I’m currently a solo team of one. But my mission is simple: to add a pop of joy and artistic flair to your everyday essentials and gifts. I design an array of stationery, tumblers, gift items and party favors – all infused with my signature bold, vibrant style.

I’m so excited to be part of this #MarchMeetTheMaker journey! Stay tuned as I pull back the curtain on my creative world each day. Let’s connect over our shared loved for color, design and adding artistic touches to life.

Now I wanna hear from y’all! Share a lil piece of your life’s journey in the comments. Did you end up on a completely different path than what was originally mapped out? Let’s celebrate those unexpected twists and turns.

MarchMeetTheMaker - OhSoColorful Co.

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